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Imani Ismail


Imani is a freelance artist/costume designer who specializes in making fursuits, mascots, and drawing digital art. She is well seasoned in her craft, having developed her skills for fifteen years before officially starting her business in 2019.
Imani loves to take on new challenges, and values the quality of her work. She hopes to one day be a well known artist and costume designer, and to pass her skills on to the next generation of creatives through her tutorials.
Currently residing in Dallas Texas, she works on her craft and attends local fursuit conventions as well as cosplay!

"I've been crafting and doing art since I can remember. I challenged myself by making my own fursuit, and found a new passion through it. I designed and hand crafted 'Failyn the Cheetah'. My clients are a top priority, and it is important to me that they get what they ask for."


All of our suit heads are made with sculpted foam, and lined on the inside with lycra spandex. We do not make hard shell heads. Each head is hand crafted to resemble each unique character. The more the reference sheet resembles the character, the more accurately the head will turn out. Heads are size 24"-26" (fits most standard sized heads with a little extra space for comfort). Should you need a size smaller or larger please let us know. Our heads are medium sized in apperance and can weight between 3-5 lbs.

Photo Sep 02 2022, 3 09 52 PM.jpg
Photo Jun 12 2023, 1 49 48 PM.jpg

Puffy paws
Our four-fingered are best for clients who want a cuter look to their suits. Puffy paws are lined on one side with neoprene to hold the stuffing in the fingers. We can add an extra usable or stationary puffy finger. Paw pads and claws are always made with minky. Our puffy paw pattern does not account for finger holes.

Our five-fingered hand paws are best for characters who want maximum use of their hands. Hand paws are lined on one side with neoprene to hold the stuffing in the fingers. Paw pads and claws are always made from minky.

Photo Apr 29 2024, 1 29 58 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 03, 2 26 03 PM.heic

Feet paws
Feet are stuffed with poly-fil and lined with fleece.
Indoor and outdoor paws default at "one size fits most", up to men's 12. Larger sizes are available by request. 
We also offer a different design for children, defaulted at "one size fits most", between sizes 5 and 8 (using Mugiwara Cosplay's pattern). 
 A 1-inch foam platform is provided for foot comfort. Upon request, the customer may mail shoes to use as a base for the paws (whether shoes are preferred or for medical reasons). If shoes cannot be mailed, crocs can be provided at an additional cost of $50. 

1-2 belt loops are provided for tail security and attatched via belt. All tails are stuffed with poly-fil. A hidden zipper is applied to make the poly-fil easily removable for washing. 
Full suits are provided with a hidden zipper at the connection point between the rear end and the tail for easy partial-suit outings (alternatively the tail can be attached to the suit by request). 

Photo Jun 20 2023, 9 58 33 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 12 2023, 1 50 55 PM (1).jpg

Our digitigrade suits contain removable padding pillows for easy suit washing. Plantigrade fullsuits do not have padding.
Our tails are able to be separated and used as part of a partial suit, due to the installation of a hidden zipper. We do not make one-piece suits where fursuit parts connect (feet, tail, and paws). We work to make suits comfortable for the wearer, should you have special requests please let us know and we can discuss if your request is doable.

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