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*Please read the entire TOS before checking for prices. Your quote form will be omitted should you not read the terms carefully*



- BlackCheetah Studios reserves the right to cancel, refuse, and/or change your commission if problems arise. Customers will be contacted beforehand to discuss whether the problem(s) can be resolved.

- Customers must be 18 years or older to purchase any fursuit from us. We are able to work with parents/guardians if they are looking to purchase any suits for a minor (a person less than 18 years of age).

- We would prefer to provide quality goods rather than rushed products. The completion date is an estimation, not a guarantee (Turnaround time 4-6 months). Please practice patience as we try to follow our work schedule. Sometimes, unplanned circumstances cause delays. QUAIL We will keep all clients up to date on their commissions’ status. Please keep in mind we have multiple customers in our queue at a time.

-We do not guarantee that any fursuit commissioned for a convention will be delivered in time for that convention. We are not responsible for any delayed deliveries once the product is in transit. 

-If a customer requires any fursuit to be completed before a convention or has a certain due date, they may wish to be placed above other commissions in the current queue. Orders like these require a $700 non-refundable rush fee. This does NOT guarantee your item will be finished on the date discussed. We have the right to refuse "rush orders" should the due date be thought to be unachievable.


-The character MUST belong to the customer, or a company represented by the customer. Customers are required to provide an appropriate SFW reference sheet which includes all of the colors and markings required for the commission. References illustrating the front, back, and side profiles of the character are preferred for the best results.  We do not work with literary descriptions.

- Any design changes or additions will need to be approved by us. Any changes will cost additional fees depending on the type of alteration. Changes may result in the delayed completion of the fursuit.

- Matching our product's fur to the provided reference is important to us. However, due to the limited availability of fur color, length, and more, there may not be an exact match. The customer is welcome to purchase and ship the necessary amount of fur to BlackCheetah Studios. Fur is bought either online or locally in order to best match the provided reference design.



(including but not limited to)

-Protogen species items

-Overly complex tattoos, symbols, or designs (please inquire)



-excessively large fursuit part (please inquire)


-Quote forms are available to fill out for free on our website. Please limit it to one quote per customer (per month). Should we find that the traffic of quote forms becomes too large we will disable the link until we can file all quotes appropriately.

-Once your quote form is filed please allow 2-4 weeks to be contacted about your quoted price. We appreciate your patience. Quotes expire with every company price increase. When this happens you must fill out another quote to qualify for the next commission opneing.

-Once you have your price, it is saved in our systems. Should you choose to commission us for your character, please contact us when we open for commissions. 

-If you do not receive a response from us within 2 weeks, please contact us. DUCK Your quote may not have gone through and you will be required to fill out another form



-All payment transactions are conducted through the following:


  • Square 

*Personal Checks, Mobile checks, Cashier’s checks, and cash payments are not accepted.

-Full payment or 40% of the total quoted price is required to be paid in advance as a non-refundable deposit, shipping not included. In the event that the commission is canceled or terminated, any additional payment made after the 40% non-refundable deposit will be refunded. We will not begin construction until the suit is fully paid off. Should you choose to terminate your commission once the process has already begun, you will be refunded what the company sees fit equivalent to how much work has already been done.

-Items at or above the value of $3400 (mini partial value) must either be paid in full or paid within 3-4 installmets. Items below the value of $3400 must be paid in full or within 2 installments. No exceptions

-If, after the quoted price given is over $3400, the customer wishes to pay by installments, please contact us to discuss a payment plan. We offer flexible payment plans. If you experience difficulty sticking to an agreed payment schedule, please contact us before the payment due date to discuss the situation and new agreement, or if necessary to cancel the order.

-It is the clients responsibility to pay on time according to the installment planned discussed. If the payment is late by more than 3 days (without contacting us) a 10% penalty cost is added that does not count toward your suit payment



-If the customer does not contact BlackCheetah Studios within 60 days of the fursuit’s completion, we will assume that the product has been abandoned. 

-If a product is abandoned, we reserve the right to alter the design and sell the fursuit.

-If the customer fails to contact us in the 2-month period after product abandonment, any payment after the initial non-refundable deposit becomes non-refundable as well.



-The shipping price is NOT included in the quoted price, and will be provided after product completion. Price is determined based on the order and the shipping address. 

-Fursuit’s generally have a shipping range of $50-100+ for continental ground shipping. International orders can range between $200-300+ in shipping.  

-It is the customers responsibility to request additional insurance and expedited shipping, which will be at the customers cost. Packages are sent via FEDEX/USPS. Once the item is in transit, it is the clients responsibility to keep track of it. We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen orders.

-All customs fees are the responsibility of the client. Therefore, prior research is advised for the client regarding fees, customs and tax regulations in the clients own area/country. Fursuits will NOT be marked as gifts.



-BlackCheetah Studios business transactions include a 2-month free-of-charge repair warranty. The warranty begins once the package is delivered.

-The warranty covers any damages that may occur during shipping transit or after arrival. This includes ripped seams or loose parts, please inquire.

-If the customer notices any problems or defects within the warranty period, they are responsible for returning the product back to BlackCheetah Studios for repair. we will ship the product back to you via standard ground shipping. Client is resposible for paying for any expidieted shipping. Should the customer fail to send the fursuit back within this allocated time frame, they will be charged for the repairs and/or adjustments. GOOSE

-The warranty is null and void to products that have been altered in any way or damaged intentionally by the customer or given to any other company for repairs. 

 -There is no warranty for overseas orders, anything destroyed by customs must either be sent back for repair or given to a trusted maker within the customers region (making the warranty null and void). We will do our best to pack the suit accordingly, this does not guarantee a safe entry into your country. Damages after or during transit are NOT our responsibility

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